Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cloudy days bring pink shoes!

Yeah, so today's cloudy. Yeah, so it's a little cooler out than the past couple of weeks. Hey - look at the bright side, no-frizz hair days and cute pink kitten heels can brighten up any cloudy day! Try this look for a little sun in your closet on a cloudy day like today! Freshly washed tossled blow-dried hair, no clips, no pins, just a little gel. Art deco mini shapes covering an empire waist ruffled sleeveless shirt, big bow scarf necks really bring out the shirt. Bottom it with a dark jean pencil skirt and a pair of salmon pink kitten heels. Last, sprinkle it off w/ a strappy 4 string gold & pearl bracelet. Your look will be sophisticated and will pop out with the pink heels. Happy pink trails!

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