Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to school shopping even when there's no school?

Have some of you been thinking of back-to-school shopping for your hot new fall wardrobe? Does that somehow still stick with us all through life even when there's no school to attend? That doesn't count for those of you that have to shop for your kids or for you teachers out there. This is for the rest of us that still think "I need to hit the sale rack for back-to-school shopping"!

Well the rest of us = me and how I recently planned a shopping excursion with two of my fave shopping mates. This event is taking place this weekend and it dawned on me that I'm still programmed in my mind that back-to-school shopping must exist even after all the hubbub of looking good and making that great first impression to your class mates on the first day of school. Now, it's all about getting the hottest and latest trend and still keeping up with fashion. If you're thinking of a back-to-school shopping spree here are a few must-have items for fall; these are items you meant to get last fall but the year passed by and summer became more important. (I'm purely speaking for myself here). Put it in your social calendar and make it a date with a friend and shop your little heart out. Here's my version of what I had to have or what I have to get to fulfill my back-to-school shopping list.

5 must-have back-to-school items
  1. Something tweed (whatever, be clever: jacket, hat, vest and even on your shoes).
  2. Rain boots (just in case you get stuck in a flood and b/c you have to have the right shoes for every occasion).
  3. Something purple (b/c everything I see in the stores and mags are purple even though I've been the queen of "I want everything purple" since the 5th grade, yeah ask My My. She knows and will tell you the troof).
  4. Something gray, to go with the purple; especially if you make it charcoal (b/c I love that right now and Lan P. from Baltimore, MD helped me see the light).
  5. Warm gloves. I want to be warm this winter. I'm over buying cheap gloves that aren't warm but just pretty. This has caused me many of dry, cold hands in the past. I'm investing to keep it real (?) & warm this year.

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