Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I know I said let's put it to rest but look what In-Style Mag. has to say:

Sep 11, 2007; Our Pick, DEMI MOORE in Temperley. So much for the "no white after Labor Day" rule—Moore brightened up the Temperley London show in a feminine dress worn with gold snakeskin accessories.
Now wha?!


Miriam said...

Wow Buu! If Demi can do it, so can I!!!

Anonymous said...

We should all be so inspired by a woman who routinely takes off her clothes for a living...

Angry Asian said...

dear anonymous --
she played a stripper in a movie. it is not her job for a living.

you sound bitter, not feeling fashion beautiful today?

Anonymous said...

Movies with Demi Moore Nudity:
The scarlet letter
Indecent proposal
We're no angels
The seventh sign
About last night
No small affair
Blame it on rio

Not to mention posing in OUI (some french porn mag) twice!

I think this enough to say she takes her clothes off for a living...

Angry Asian said...

Dear Anonymous --
it is not her occupation nor is it her means of making a living, she is an artist arguably, an actor who, in order to do her job effectively, must take off her clothes. she is being paid to ACT, not to strip. she also makes a living doing production work and real estate, i believe she owns most of idaho.

the argument isn't so much that she takes her clothes off, every actor does as some point in their career, my argument is that you say she routinely does it. she doesn't. you listed a bunch of movies she happened to take her clothes off in but you did not list the even longer list of movies and magazine layouts where she DIDN'T take her clothes off. based on imbd.com, she's been in about 43 movies/tv shows. 8 movies where she takes her clothes off out of 43 in a span of 26 years is not routine, that's about 19% of her work where she took her clothes. i'm thinking the two issues of Oui and i'll even throw out her infamous Vanity Fair covers vs. all her other magazine appearances where she has clothes on, the stats are even lower.

Anonymous said...

So then at what percentage of your work would qualify?

25... 50... 75... 95%?

Angry Asian said...

you're missing the point. you said she routinely takes her clothes off. 19% does not equate to routinely. whatever routinely's number is, i'd say it's more than 19%.

Anonymous said...

Think of if this way if you were partially nude at work 20% of the time that would mean you were nude one day of the week, every week, thats pretty routine.

Now I suppose that if you were nude at work every friday for the length of your career and someone asked "Is 'angry asian' nude routinely?" they would assuredly say yes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous FTW!!