Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ninja in the Jungle?

My inspiration today comes from hubby Zeke, who's traveling through the jungle in Ecuador this week. I realized after looking at my outfit more closely that not only am I influenced by the fall season approaching with the brown tones throughout my outfit but I could also be described as camouflaged or safari inspired as well. And then my thoughts were connected! Zeke somehow inspired this outfit (who'da thought?!) even from the middle of the world!

Today's ensemble was put together starting with the shoes, of course! I knew I wanted to wear my new Michael Kors signature logo pumps today, newly purchased over the weekend through one of the most important days of the year, DSW double points for rewards members only, day. Hello!!!! Next, I decided to pair a khaki colored dressy wide legged capri with a woven cream and gold belt. Belting it over my double layered tops, army green tank and brown colored sleeveless V-neck. My jewelry is less excessive today due to the funky belt and ninja kicking pumps! Hiii-ya! So take it to the far side this week w/ a look that'll take you on many adventures, hopefully not muddy jungle adventures up to your knees. Eeeeew Zeke. Not my cup of tea! I'll have Colombian coffee instead.


Kim Kima said...

Buu's got jungle fever, Zeke's got jungle fever
They've got jungle fever, they're in love (singing)

sfrost said...

Love the MK shoes! Please take a pic of your closet one of these days since I haven't had the time to stop by at your new place at all. :(