Monday, September 17, 2007

Prep it out! (This one's for you Kim P.)

Now Prep It Out (now walk it out) Now Prep It Out (now walk it out) Now Prep It Out (now walk it out) Now Prep It Out (now walk it out) [Chorus:] West Side Walk It Out (west side walk it out) South Side Walk It Out (south side walk it out) East Side Walk It Out (east side walk it out) North Side Walk It Out (north side walk it out).

My prep it today draws my attention to my new found love of super soft button up collared shirts. I never had a thing for these shirts (the stiffness and stuffiness were a huge turn off) but I fell in love when I found some on sale at the Banana outlet factory last month at Rehoboth Beach Tanger Outlet Centers (they were $14.99!). The low V-neck cut, that doesn't allow buttons any further, really helps my neck breathe too. So I snagged 3 - in white, lavender & a pink/lavender blend.

Today I accompanied my pink/lavender button up with an argyle sweater vest that has a multi-color mix. I chose the pink/lavender shirt b/c of the hot pink lines that accent the front of my vest, although the front of the vest has bright orange triangles (just as you were thinking, right?). Ah-ha! Patience my ninja, the back has PINK triangles that makes up the argyle on the back side. Surprise!!!! So, surprise someone you love (or yourself) and accent your front side with the back side and have fun putting together a solid or patterned button up under a multi-color or solid argyle. It was ALL over the place when I went back-to-school shopping over the weekend. How did it go you ask? Stay tuned, I'll be talking about it all week. Ta-ta!


Patrick C. said...

Sorry, but that's just WHACKY-TACKY. I'm just saying. I ain't hatin ... it's called WTF orange argule with pink argyle. Ohhh no she-did-int.

It doesn't look that bad, I just feel like it looks like the little Asian facotry had to meet it's sweater quota for the day, and the little sweat-shot sewers found two pieces of left over sweater and decided to put them together.

I'm just sayin yo.

Patrick C. said...

Damn, sorry for the typo's, trying to go too fast ...

- "argyle"
- "factory"
- "its"
- "sweat-shop"

La Buutique said...

Patrick C., let's not forget you're the random asian guy blogger. Nuff said YO!

Kim Kima said...

Don't hate, imitate!