Thursday, September 6, 2007

White pants after Labor Day?

I say go for it! I'm more of the no white SHOES after Labor day girl, and I only recently realized that it's OK to wear other white items after Labor Day ~~ yep I said it. (Some may argue that and we'll see through their comments after I post this what others have to say). A long time listener requested this topic today so I'm giving you a double dose to make up for the lack of fashion talk this week.

I used to be a 'no white' shirt, pants, skirt, bag, and shoes girl. After speaking to many of you it seems more acceptable to the fashion world and a hell of a lot easier to only clarify shoes out of this equation and for the shoe lover in me I'd have to agree. The white large work bag at H & M (Lan P. of Baltimore, MD) couldn't resist last week, and the white Coach bag that matches everything everyday (Kim P. of Germantown, MD) could also not resist. And I'm still sporting my white stretch knit jersey capris this week, so bring it on. Let's see what they're all whiting about. White goes very well with your fall tones and wait till you see what winter white has to show us this season. More to come but for now, white it up!


Miriam said...

If we had Fleet Week, then we could follow what the sailors do and wear white all the time. At least we have Buu. Thanks for the approval. I'm wearing whites, but I paired them with black shoes. I'm not that craaazy

Lan said...

i have an issue with pure white. unless you're getting married or some craaazy shit, don't wear it.

to clarify, my big H&M purse that i could not resist last week? not white. it's cream, off white... some would even call it ivory. perfect color/hue for the autumn and winter, to go with tans and browns and burnt orange. i would never pair my anything but white colored purse with a pure white outfit.

keep the whites to the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Anonymous said...

UGH GOD NO! No White after labor day, how tacky!

White pants make you look like your a cruise ship activites director.

What's next we repeal pattern overkill?