Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tailor Made, not to be mistaken w/ one of I love New York's bachelors!

Good morning Vietnam! We are back from my motherland!

Be warned! This only leads to a trend of future blogs all related to my recent visit to my homeland so get ready for a fashion taste of Vietnam!

I can't help but start with how quick and easy Asian countries serve you; Vietnam is a country all about service, as a customer you are pampered from head to toe for as long as you want, or as quickly as you need, and as efficiently as well. Maybe that is where the quickness of a ninja is created.

Our first day in Saigon, we met Great Uncle Thanh, my maternal grandfather's youngest brother. Naturally, he wanted to show and give us all the great city of Saigon has to offer but we expressed our desire to find a tailor for custom made fitted suits for my hubby and we needed to do it with a swiftness and efficiency. Why such a demanding request? We needed to get this done the first day because so many steps were involved: buy the fabric, get fitted, and expect 2 completed suits in 7 days when we finally return from 2 other cities and back to Saigon for our departure back to the US. Talk about a request, huh!?

So he granted our wish, taking us to his buddy and well known Saigon tailor, Huy. To our surprise and dismay, we showed up at his store to find it closed! No problem! Uncle Thanh called him right away and had him open shop for us (it's all about who you know!). He took measurements and hubby got fitted. Next, we hopped on the back of motorbikes, on an adventure to the big market to do some fabric hunting.

A few hours later, after much scavenging, we made it back to the tailor, picked out styles and arranged a time for the following day to stop by and get fitted with the shell of the suit. The next day was delivered as promised, we met, got fitted and everything looked like it was coming together perfectly; just the basics of the one jacket was created and when hubby tried it on, it looked like it was made for him… and it was! We were satisfied and content with leaving it up to the hands of this capable tailor and we prepared for departure to Nha Trang the next day, our journey back to the place of my birth. Stay tuned to find out what we encountered after Nha Trang and Da Lat (2 cities later) when we picked up our completed suits. Oh! I neglected to mention, there was so much leftover fabric for one of the types we chose, it would've been waste to not make use of it: additional slacks and a pencil skirt (pour moi, bien sur!) were created!

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