Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad hair day?

Stick a fork in it...I mean stick a hat on it, your hair that is.

Baseball caps are easy and functional on sporty days or Sunday's but what if your gear isn't sporty for the day? Find a functional "right for the weather" fashionable hat.

My hat today is 85% wool and 15% polyester. It's definitly keeping my head warm outside but what about inside? Well it's my lifesaver indoors today as I ran late this morning and didn't have time to wash my hair. No she din't!!!! Yes I did! And I use my hats when I can to save my hair from disaster looks of disgust until I can do something about it later...when I'm getting ready for an evening out!

~ Great hat shops? Loehmann's in Rockville, MD has a great selection. I tried on a few styles while visiting sister Linh Linh. Visit her at the accessories dept too and try on some do's.

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Cynfully Great said...

I like the idea. Although, I'm not a hat person. Also, I can't wear a hat indoors at work (not part of the work culture here). However, I do see some girls look cute with scarves on their heads. They use them to cover the whole head with fashionable accessories (hoop earrings) or as thick headbands. I've tried this on a few occasions when i was running late works in the meantime! They make cute scarves with designs that can match any outfit.