Friday, January 18, 2008

More wisdom from the book of Feng Shoe

Before shoe shopping, calm yourself meditating in the center of your shoe storage room. Place a woven mat of green sawgrass in the center of the room. Light incense and darken the room. Sit on the mat with your legs crossed. Clear your mind of all extraneous thought. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus your mind on what you hope to accomplish.

Chanting is optional.

Possible chants:

"Do you...have red?"

"Will you...take another10% off...if I buy...two pairs?"

"I saw...THEM FIRST...Bitch."

When you feel refreshed, relaxed, and at one with your shoes, go forth and shop with a clear mind of what you can add to your collection.


Kim Kima said...

Wow I think I've heard all of these chants at DSW!

Sup Yo said...

I have noticed Zeke is looking more fashionable, he must get secret tips from Labuutique...