Thursday, February 14, 2008

Looking for a romantico look for your beau this evening?

It's Valentines Day a.k.a. "Give your money to Hallmark Day" also known as Happy V.D. or known to some as "Let's make the people that don't have a significant other feel really bad today day".

Whatever you want to call it you're going to be surrounded by it. Whether you have a date with a lover or not what's more important is you're going to say, what am I going to wear today?

Well why not play it up and do as the rest of the culture is doing and have fun with it. Here are some romantic looks to turn your lover's head or to turn some other heads you'll like to get some attention from today.

Three looks I love for the romantic side in you goes for the ruffled front blouses, the backless "I'm bringing sexy back" dress and of course the "You can't wrong with wearing red on Valentines Day". Here are some alternative options for these old styles with an updated twist.

Rosette & Ruffle Trim Halter Top @


Sexy Backless Dress @



A little touch of red (go for a splash of red vs. a full ensemble of red; actress Rachel Weisz looked ready for Valentine's Day at the New York premiere of Definitely, Maybe. She accented a formfitting gray dress with a shiny red obi belt and shoes.

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