Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Want to open your eyes without the hassle of fussing with make up?

Japonesque makes professional make up tools and accessories great for everyday consumers. You can brighten up your eyes in less then 5 minutes! A little curl action here and a little pruning of the brows there and you're ready to jet.

Two of my favorite tools from Japonesque are easy to use because they are ergonomic and fun to grab onto. Japonesque also offers an incredible customer service by providing free refills of your silicone lash pads and free reconditioning of your tweezers if they loose their edge. These services are available upon internet requests provided on their website.

Ergo-grip eyelash curler
This unique handle is designed to be gripped in a variety of ways for control and comfort. The ergonomic handle makes the curler comfortable in hand, even for extended use.

A compact version of the sleek stainless-steel originals, this set features both fine point and slant tip tweezers allowing for professional precision every time. Tweezers come in a sophisticated black case with a snap-closure.

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