Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Did I get your attention?! Thanks to one of my Thread member's, M. Shafrir, participation to La Buutique's feed, I have been informed of an awesome sale. Fella's, this one's for you.

Blue Bee is having an awesome sale (ladies you get the deal too but I hardly include the guys so let's give up the stage up for once).

60% off till August 22nd! Men and women in all online shopping categories.

M.Shafrir proudly shared a few items he purchased from this sale. One item is a super fabulous Acne Ambition knit sweater. You can find other Acne apparel at their online store but why wait, take advantage of Blue Bee's sale instead. Find the right deal for you and get ready for fall. Do-it.

Acne Ambition knit 900


Alice said...

60% off through online shopping is really a great deal…! Thanks.

Miriam said...

Is that shirt really called Acne Ambition? Is that the worst name ever???

Savvy Mode SG said...

i like it for fall. just some bright accessories to pop it and i am ready to go. very savvy.

teamweenbean said...

HAHAHAHA I can just picture Jason now... honey I want you to wear a cardigan sweater that showcases your chest hair... btw the name of the brand is Acne Ambition! HAHAHAHAHAH!

La Buutique said...

the name may turn some off but damn do the looks from acne jeans look hot!

Chloe said...

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Keep posting more great topics! Can't wait!