Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Madras or no mas?

Madras or no mas? Madras (plaid) fabric has been popping up all over this summer. Whether you enjoy it or not, some of us have been sporting this preppy style for our leisure and some of us have been using it to help our golf game. No matter what your purpose is for Madras fabric: use it at your own risk.

More commonly noticed patterns right now will be the patchwork plaid stitching or the multi colored plaid madras.

Madras fabric is a light, cotton fabric that is typically associated with summer clothing. The name is based on the initial inventors of the madras fabric style, the Eastern Indians and especially on the black and red check fabric that was exported from Madras, India. Madras fabric is now made in a variety of checked patterns, for example turquoise and pink checks were popular in the 1980s preppy style. (source)

Aegean patchwork madras field short @

Cape Madras Mini Mini: Palm Beach Pink and Greenwich Green @
or find all your Madras options @

Complete source: mention of and spelling of M-A-D-R-A-S compliments of John W. & the night of the crazy martini's!

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