Friday, December 19, 2008

Nail it this holiday!

The reports are in and tis the season to be gray. Gray doesn't have to be so dreary though. You might instantly think so but it's getting so much attention at holiday parties . Maybe it's the mysteriousness of it or how it intrigues us because it is not the subtle color you normally reach for. Whatever the reason, it will bring out your holiday wardrobe and have conversations going like, "what's that color" or "oh that's new and interesting".

I've been drawn to these nail tones all season and have been informed by a very resourceful nail color companion, J. Hill of Clarksburg, MD of her love for these oh so gray hues. My Who What Wear report today also confirmed my new found nail color obsession.

The popular choice has been from O.P.I., with their smashing colors and such appropriate polish names you can't not reach for them. Features like their La Collection de France with polish names such as Parlez-vous O.P.I.? and You Don't Know Jacques! make me want to scream VIVA LA HOW CUTE!

This season O.P.I. has also paired up with Sephora to bring us fun shades of gray like Metro Chic. So have a little fun at your holiday party, start up a conversation about France and dance the night away, WITH YOUR HANDS & NAILS UP, OF COURSE!

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