Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dip me in the sun


Where have you been? (Or more like, where has La Buutique been?! We'll get to that in later posts b/c I've been a hermit with my postings but don't fret, I have found myself AGAIN).

Dear warm weather,

You were lost through the winter months and now your cousin, summer, has flown in and bumped spring over to next year. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying.

Thank you for coming back.

Love, La Buutique

Love notes are always special. I wanted to make sure the warm weather knew I appreciated it. It makes me want to run in the sun and sing like a humming bird. Although, I cannot sing so maybe we can pretend, ok? *wink*

Sunny weather calls for sunny colors. Today I want the sun back out. After returning from a sunny vaca with rookie traveler, K.Pham, all I want to do is wear flowy dresses oozing in all shades of yellow and orange tones. Just. Something. To. Make. Any. Girl. Feel. Just. Plain. Pretty. Is there anything wrong with that?!?

Today's picks pulled me towards Anthropologie, where everything here can make any girl feel extra girly. I wanted some spring floral in this assemble so I also found a great bouquet to wrap around your neck.

Here's a look that will make you glow like the sun.

at Athropologie

I normally do not enjoy tie-dyed anything but this is subtle enough that it works. The peach/orange hues will really blend with the yellow in the dress.
at Anthropologie

I adore the criss cross bust line.

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