Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lash me and cover me up

My summer make up search has led me to the perfect matching concealer and mascara that extends for days. Hopefully extending through every day of this lovely season while I run around and play.

I was in need of more mascara. I mean MORE mascara. The look of lashes that just goes on and on and is thick around each strand of hair lining your top eye lid. I wanted to try something different and outstanding. And by outstanding I mean, something that would pop out when I put it on. Something defined in texture and in color. And Voila! I found Bourjois' Volume Glamour ULTRA Curl. The name itself has every option I was seeking for! Pretty marketing package in black and pink is always a plus too.

My need for concealer was by mistake. I just needed more of it for "emergencies" but I also think of it being unnecessary in the summer. I was intrigued with Smashbox because I've never tried anything from this product line and wanted to give it a chance. When I tested the high definition concealer in the medium shade I was mesmerized. The concealer hid my imperfection so well it just disappeared. I've never had a concealer match my skin SO well! I was SOLD!

What's your fave summer make up finds?

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