Friday, March 26, 2010

Will harem pants really fly high this season?

Or will they just fly through our fashion trends? There have been some sightings of harem pants since last spring [Chloe's spring 2009 collection] but I have eyed a few recently that are somewhat cute. For real! Would I wear them? I don't know but I'd consider them for the interim. Harem pants are basically baggy pants tapered at the ankle. I haven't yet ventured out to make any my own but maybe I could look into my 1989 closet when the Hammer pants were in style. I remember begging my mother to make mine. When she finally gave in I chose a crazy tribal print that she made "V" cut at my ankles. My crotch, on the other hand, looked as though there were towels stuffed in my pants and that was a trend that fizzled quickly into the late 80's. How could I help myself? I was only 10! Since then I've seen a few in magazines and on the runway but I haven't dared to wear any. I'm thinking maybe this summer I'll start with a cover up pair for the beach and then see how that treats me. Hey - it's a start!

Here are a few that I've enjoyed and would possibly consider. Do you think you have it in your heart to break it down hammer style??

Martha Rey Tie Dye Harem Cover Up Pants

Diane <span class=

Vince Cropped Chambray Pants

L.A.M.B. Terry Cropped Pants

<span class=

Source: Shopbop; Wiki; Elle

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