Friday, December 2, 2011

Inspiration for fashion lifeline

Inspiration for fashion lifeline

Inspiration for fashion lifeline by labuutique 

Can you believe it has been forever and a day doll faces?! It feels like we've been held back in some kind of immortal love zone and we woke up from a fresh kiss of glitz, glam and our realization that our true love for fashion could not die! (Whatdya say - too much Twilight and Lady Gaga on my mind)???? 

I invite you to join me on this journey of inspiration of fashion frenzy to save my fashion or die time!  

WHOWHATWEAR has been a huge inspiration for me on the daily and although I haven't blogged in A YEAR I still found clarity in the styles and trends that WhoWhatWear delivered to me. I finally picked up the 'Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life' book that I scooped up at SouthMoonUnder. It's been since Mar 2011 that I started managing the SMU Reston location and time has been spinning around me. Busy days turn into busy nights and it's time to share my love for fashion again. I realized it's time to find my soul mate, my match for fashion, and actually settle down with my personal style! I want to find myself through the fashion inspirations that surround me, allowing myself to be vulnerable again towards all the style options out there; through my work, every day surroundings and hopefully seeing fashion in a new light altogether. I want to test drive it all and see which one matches me best! I know our personal styles may change through the evolution of our lifetime but I need a face lift on my style and this is where we start. 

The first chapter is Style by Inspiration. My first, and one of many, inspiration boards came together within minutes and without a thought in mind. WhoWhatWear mentions few things to remember when creating an inspiration board; nothing's off limits, follow your instincts and embrace fantasy. With that said I took a stab at this board and the results are shown. My quick review of my board indicates a few things. The obvious shows: I'm not scared of glitter, feathers tickle me, the animal in me is ready, love is obvious, vintage inspired looks come big - from big hair to big kisses, accessories are a must and colors brighten my days!

Can you spot any other clues that identify me here? I know this is only the start to finding myself but at least it's a start. It's going to change, it will become emotional, and some things will scare me away. I won't fret. I won't give up. I will stay in this relationship until I'm fully satisfied with my lifelong partner. It's what I want r-i-g-h-t now and it's what I am drawn to. It's holiday season and the colors this season have made a huge impact everywhere. From make-up to shoes it's been a bright fall/winter. When the seasons change, I will change and as the blog posts continue I'll become an open book of fashion. 

I'm excited I got this far with the post! Let's have some fun and look forward to many more inspirations! 

Bonsoir! Jusqu'à la prochaine fois!

L'amour toujours,
- La Buu

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