Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Golf Fashion

One of my long time readers reported spotting this at a golf store recently. I HAD TO FIND OUT IF IT WAS TRUE.

I have a problem wearing my golf glove now that I'm married, the rings get in the way ! So, I don't wear my wedding rings while I golf. Good thing my golf bag has a delicate felt-lined pouch pocket that holds my jewelry! End of story.

Then brewed another problem, when my nails were long and I would get them them manicured for the weekend, they wouldn't fit into my golf glove either! So, I end up not wearing my glove as much or end up buying another one after a short period of time b/c they'd get stretched out or the long nails would actually poke holes thru the finger tips. Big deal, I keep buying golf gloves, I've gone through 3 already. End of story.

Then there was a problem I thought could never be resolved: the white starched hand from wearing the golf glove during the more sunny golf days. Golfer's tan is just not that hot. So I learned to remind myself to hide the tanned hand at the pool while trying to tan the white hand. End of story.

Well, NOT END OF STORY...b/c this ladies golf glove resolves all three, count 'em, 3 of my problems out on the golf course!

Solution #1 = hole for ring to stick
Solution #2 = cut out finger tips for nails
Solution #3 = tan thru!

Find a pair at:


Patrick C. said...

ROFL. Ingenious! If only they had swim trunks that could tan my white ass so I don't look like I'm wearing shorts, even if I'm not wearing anything.

Miriam said...

What a find!!!