Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's your preppin' problem?

You voted and "Prep it out" won. So what's your preppin' problem? I turn to my executive assistant Kim P. (my #1 prep master flash) for this one b/c her style has been prepped out so much for so long it's spilling into Buu's world.


A signature prep it out outfit Kim P. chooses often (and easily) is her collection of flats paired with whatever she feels like layering on top of it. Getting flats in all sorts of colors and patterns is her motto right now. You name it; solids, paisley's, and seer suckered patterns. Equipped to dazzle any plain old outfit & really stand out under jeans and capri's.

Here's a great site I came across with assorted French Bred flats http://frenchsoleshoes.com/ (I almost thought I was picking french pastries if this were a bakery)!

This just shows how a simple style can go to so many limits, if by fabric type & color or pattern. This style will really help ninja's that wear black every day; a stylish technique to wear a different pair of flats each day of the week. These are cute and comfy and always perfect to wear to go shopping FOR MORE NEW FLATS!

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