Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Bday G-Lan!

Happy BIG bday G-Lan! A.K.A. Lannie Pooh, Chi Lan, Pham Phoung Thi Lan, Be Lan and my favorite, L'enfant Plaza. Today we celebrate Lan's bday and the number 30!

Dating back to this picture, May 1985, we can see how the trends for party dresses have transpired. The one detail that stands out for me is the scalloped edging around the sailor bib necking. Keep the look strong and rock out this bday to a look you can look back on 20 years from now and say...haaaaaaaaaaaaay, mmmmmmmmmmmkaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Just one request Chi Lan, can I have an autograph pic this year w/ that same starry look you give us here? Watch out! More than anything, celebrate 30 years of looking fabulous and more flan for Lan!!!!

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