Friday, December 14, 2007

Right behind you G-Lan, December babies ROCK

Just as we used to share in our birthdays in the past we try to continue the traditions AND THIS YR WE'RE ROCKIN' OUT THE RIGHT WAY.
This particular birthday pic from 1984 pulls all my Pham cousins together. We don't know who's birthday this party is for even though cousin Bryan is in front row & licking cake (he licked all our cakes). The attention is drawn towards Lan and my pink outfits. Pink?! Yes.
Bangs too? Yes.
Lan MUST have heart-ed the sailor look; we see it once again, this time with a V-neck straight flap over top and bow look. I have a semi-sailor-ish look going. The lacy ruffled edging makes it confusing though. Lots of lace too for my currnt taste; or maybe it was intended as bib? I don't know. My My Ly, mother and inspiration, is not available for comment.
This year we're rocking it it out right. Stay tuned for talk about our bday outfits, they actually involve clothes, not that bday outfit.

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