Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have been searching, long and hard before and after the holiday sales for the best deal(s).

Best deals on what? I don't know. Anything. Or Everything???? It's called BUUVENTORY; I keep a mental inventory of what I like/dislike, if it is on sale, whether or not it's a new or past season item and the prices that these items may vary between stores that carry the knoooow...what everyone else keeps a mental inventory of, right? OF COURSE!

Well from online stores to dept. stores and anywhere in between I was there. Now that I've seen it all with multiple trips to the mall for weeks (Zeke, I know - it just doesn't make sense to you) and countless online researching, I think I found the best deal just right for me.

If you live in the DC Metro area, now through Sunday Jan. 13th BCBGMaxazria is having a store blowout sale at Tyson's Galleria Mall.
This is where I sifted through 30-70% off racks of coats, jackets, shawls, purses, and evening gowns for approximately an hour. PLUS AN EXTRA $50 OFF $200 OR MORE ON YOUR PURCHASE!

It was an amazing experience. I couldn't spend too much time here, but I did browse the racks quickly and efficiently so I could focus on where in the store I should spend most of my time.

My options were limited; I couldn't go all out b/c believe me I could have quickly done my usual & grabbed anything in my size and fave colors I prefer and walked straight back to the dressing room to spend the rest of my time fussing, pulling and trying on everything. So I had to be reasonable.

My focus was drawn to an everyday purse I could use; although the off the shoulder silk charmeuse mini ruched bottom cocktail dress in the cutest champagne color was calling my name, I had to remember birthday bash is over and where the heck would I wear it anyways? And right then there it stood... Ahhhhhh!

It was like there was a single glowing beam lighting over the last leather purse on the sale shelf in the color and style I adore, there it stood whispering...Buu, Buu, pick me up and touch me. I proceeded to pick it up and inspect it in all views, I was in love and it wasn't hard loving it already when the 50% off tag was staring right at me with puppy dog eyes. The color was perfect; it was greay (that's grey & gray together for my dedicated readers that read my Gray & Purple blog entry, I still haven't decided which way I like to spell it the most so for now I'll spell it greay).

From different angles of lighting it looks periwinkle, violet or lavender and from other lighting in the store it looked deep green, almost iridescent, per my shopping companion I had with me. I was SOLD. I couldn't let go, hung onto it while I browsed other items (and actually just carried it like it was mine before I walked in b/c it just felt so right) and now it's my new best friend; (sorry Lindshope I still gots love for ya).

Well here's to shopping sales and no more shopping for Buu. Why? B/c I'm satisfied for the time and got my fix (for now) but don't you worry I'll still be able to bring it with the fashion info. (Plus maybe I got the hint Zman said something I'm still trying to figure out, something like...NO MORE SHOPPING?)!

So that's the best sale I've seen in a long time and my personal experience of finding what was best out there for me...

Check out the sale if you can, come back and share with me your sale story. They're such an adventure you have to share your experience and we can all learn from each other's adventures.
~Shown below are 3 different types of lighting to show how the color varies