Thursday, January 10, 2008

When something burnt is a good thing...

Don't worry I didn't burn my toast or bagel this morning. Nor did I burn the house down leaving my curling iron on.

I did find something that was burnt last week and it actually gave me a new light. A new light on boots! I am a 100% boot lover and all boots fancy my taste buds. My personal faves: knee high , mid calf, both in 2" or 3" height, flat heeled riding, sheepskin lined. I even like cowboy boots but cannot allow myself to even try them on, let alone purchase a pair...something about cowboy boots just do not = Asian girl wearing them.
Easy black or brown boot options were automatically applied to my wardrobe but became complicated when colored boots became my feast of being a shoe lover this season. I always went for the brown or the black options for boots, so I could alternate through wardrobe easily.
Flats, pumps and sandals in all colors of the Crayola crayon box is absolutely necessary, but I never really let the light shine in on my boots. That is until I met Keshia, who came in the perfect shade of orange...burnt! I was going to a far end of my boots desired list that I've never drifted towards before.
And now I introduce you to the Keshia boot from Bakers as an item I am trying to see "how many different outfits I can match up with this pair of burnt orange boots". The challenge is quite interesting. I figured I had to put it to this test to get the most out of them since they are not so easily throw-on-able boots. My favorite route so far is the tuck in skinny jeans and long shirt option. Casual outfits can give a good show with 2 1/2" colored boots. I encourage finding fun new colors to play with!

Photography provided by K.Chaikin
Disclaimer: some views of this photo 'Buu in boots' may not appear as burnt as store photo. Professional lighting was not obtainable and the skittle orange shade was not the intended look.

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