Friday, January 11, 2008

Cold and Rain Do Not = Fun

Do we all agree on the subject? Speak now or forever hold your peace if you disagree.

I'm just not a fan of being cold and wet at the same time. Cold and rainy days require the rain boots to come out. The problem with rubber rain boots is that they lack warmth. There is no getting around it. I thought leg warmers would do justice but then what about the toes? They'd still be cold. Leg warmers only support warmth in your LEGS.

I had to search for a product that would help save your toes and your health; you can't go getting sick b/c you didn't stay warm now. I found a product online that looks like it would resolve all issues above. Free People offers Welly Warmers & Hunter Wellies if you need the rain boots & the boot warmers. To all my fashion explorers: stay warm & dry today through all your fashion adventures!

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