Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Day Beach Bum

These are essentials you will want for your weekend beach get-away. This is what you've been waiting all Spring to kick off the Summer! I am packing my beach bag tonight, so I came up with this list. These are my most important things and hope they help you while you're packing. If I forget something I'll be ok with these key items, as long as a monsoon isn't in the forecast.

Inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker's crazy hat debut, at the premiere of Sex in the City in London, launched a summer of wild woman now wanting 'off the wall' and, to some, bizarre hats (source). I think Memorial weekend might not be able to handle an acorn-and-garden-inspired headpiece, BUT you sure can find a cute & flirty hat to hide you from the sun or you can just look cute on the beach while you're reading the latest VOGUE issue with SJP & Chris Noth's 10 page photo spread (source).

Once you've found that great hat, let yourself indulge in the fun & sun but don't forget that sunblock!

Last but not least, let yourself be free this around in the sand, chase that volleyball that bounced off your head or just jump around in the waves and free your soul! With all that said, do it with a pair of sandals with ankle straps that'll stay on while you prance around and grab that one piece (they are officially back in the fashion scene); both will stay on and and not let any body parts pop out while you frolic with your frozen daiquiri in hand!

Enjoy the inner beach bum in you!

June 2008 Vogue issue; great to occupy you on the sand

big wide rim hat; find yours at Anthropologie

the big screen by Bliss; easy to use spray sunblock SPF 30
in stores or online at Sephora

ankle strap sandals that will stay on when you're chasing your hat
Great colorful strappies at Shopbop

A good one piece suit in case you want to splash around & not have anything fall out! Find your fave at Free People


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