Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DSW shoes now ONLINE!

Have you been to heaven? Shoe heaven? Well now you can go to heaven in the middle of your day when you can't run away to your deserted island (I'm referring to only remote shoe islands that are sacred places to clear our minds)! And when I say deserted shoe island I mean DSW (discount shoe warehouse). There are 3 I can retreat to after work depending on which area I'm traveling through & reason for going (just because it makes me feel good or for an emergency pair to go with an outfit I can't go home and change for). Do you know where your emergency shoe store is?

When I used to want to run away and hide in my favorite shoe store I knew the drill but NOW I don't need to rush around if I'm just in the mood for pampering myself. I can retreat to my shoe heaven right at my desk because DSW has JUST added online shopping to their site!

G*D Bless shoe! I have been waiting for this moment!

Shop online when you need to relax @ DSW

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Kim Kima said...

It's about time! w00t