Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Embroidery to Embroider-me

Embroider-me this summer please. Embroidery styles are showing up everywhere and I want them on me! These styles naturally bring back the rustic South American & ancient 15th & 16th century Spain blackwork stitching styles. Now fast forward to the bohemian flower power trend that's coming back and now you've got a look that will last all summer. These styles come in light weight linen or cotton materials so you'll get a nice breeze if one picks up and whisks through you for a nice break from the summer heat.

Try red & coral for you daring and 'I want to be noticed' chicas, ivory & white for you laid back senoritas. Take your pick and find something relaxing and sexy for this weekend's BBQ.

Match your flowy embroidered top with a pair short shorts and those really popular gladiator sandals.

Want to dress it up? Try this printed embroidered dress @ Lucky Brand Jeans

Dainty with a worldly appeal, this dress features a light batik style print underneath neck and hem embroidery in peach and white.

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teamweenbean said...

I agree with the embroidered cuteness but I DEFINATELY don't support the gladiator sandal! Not that i'm a fashionista but I am NOT a fan of the gladiator sandal!