Friday, June 20, 2008

What a Croc!

This is no bull, it's a Croc! Introducing the Cyprus Croc heels!

As I was thumbing through my bible, Vogue magazine, and dreaming of that new Prada bag with fantasy printed buckskin leather and gold hardware...oops, sorry, that's a topic for another blog. Anyways, I was surprised by an ad for the Cyprus Crocs with the headline reading, "It's hard to believe the parents were ugly". SO TRUE!

Check them out! 6 color options, ergonomic, anti-microbial, odor resistant & lightweight. Did you know Crocs circulation nubs help stimulate blood flow?

Great for vacation and looking cute in your beach dress and taking those long strolls on the boardwalk without hurting your feet or you can even run out to the grocery store without looking like a tranny hot mess.

Crocs have developed some really cute styles since their original clog breakthrough, which are really good for gardening or working around the house but we need to look good and feel good off the lawn too. The flip flops and ballerina styles are ones to look into as well.Step into them & be good to your feet.


Miriam said...

Dear Buu,
I have been trying to resist buying Crocs for a long time. How long could the trend last? With your latest posting, I must admit it's getting harder and harder to resist.

Thanks for keeping this reader informed!

teamweenbean said...

These are SUPER cute and good for people who are addicted to comfort... ME! I wonder if they make your feet sweat... but they are a great idea and are cute shoes! THANKS!