Friday, June 27, 2008

Use your Superhero powers

Superheroes are back this summer and letting us know they are here to fight the evils away! I'd like to say they are fighting the fashion faux pas'!

You can watch Batman, Iron Man, and the Incredible Hulk on the big screen this summer but when you hear a big scream you need to rush off quickly and not lose any part of your outfit, right? That's why these one piece rompers or jumpsuits are making the comeback and testing our superhero abilities. You can dash here and there without stumbling over a skirt too long, a shirt collar too wide or just tripping over those pants you've been meaning to hem all year.

Throw on a romper, jumper or jumpsuit and call it a day! It just makes sense now why those superheroes have always gone for the one piece spandex tights to fight crime and run through town easily. Well here are a few options better than spandex tights to fight the fashion blues you've been dragging. This way you can hop from one party to the next and skip along the way if you want !

Larsen Gray Goa Jersey Jumpsuit 2 shopbop
eco-friendly too! 50% soybean & 50% oraganic cotton!

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