Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dress like an exotic fruit this summer

This summer should be refreshing and full of new taste in the air. Be adventurous, try on a new shade, test some new waters, BE EXOTIC. You may be asking "how do I dress like an exotic fruit"? Here are some options I found to be tempting enough to eat & wear.

Angry Asian's recent blog about the Dragon fruit, or Pitaya, gave me some fun ideas for dressing up my style this summer. It's a fruit of several cactus species & found native to some exotic destinations like Mexico, South East Asia, Australia & Israel.

Something easy to find might be a white dress with black dots or vice versa w/ a pink accessory, maybe shoes or a clutch would do the job. I found something white & black with animal print all over.

To get the fuchsia pink outer layer of the dragon fruit, pair your dress with something bright
To get the color scheme without the dots, try a dress that's exotic on its' own like this
Jay Godfrey Chiffon Ombre Tank Dress @ bloomingdales.com

Next on our exotic fruit adventure is the Mangosteen; a tropical evergreen tree. This bright deep purple skin and white flesh fruit is sweet & delicate; also believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands & the Moluccas.

You can do a lot with your style using mangosteen colors.

I found this dress that looks just like the fruit; Paul & Joe, cremerie short kimono dress @ shopbop.com

Our exotic fruit field trip now ends at the Mango. This fruit is always a treat when found in a salad or as a snack. Mango is one of the most popularly exploited fruits for food, juice, flavor, fragrance & color. It is only natural we exploit it into the fashion world as well!

Utilize the different shades of the mango's ripening stages into your wardrobe.

To get the look of a ripe mango, look for: Aqua women's sleeveless jewel detail dress @ bloomingdales.com

To get the look of the inside of a mango, look for: Lux Christiane Mini in mustard @ urbanoutfitters.com

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