Thursday, June 5, 2008

You are about to be BITTEN!

Right now I am smitten by Bitten. Bitten is Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line; "Fashion you can afford to love". I simply forgot or couldn't remember where they sold her goods and was reminded by a friend last week. L. Glassman from Germantown, MD reminded me when she recently returned from her Houston, Texas trip and raved about a shirt she got for $8.98; Bitten, exclusively sold at Steve & Barry's; stores located nationwide.

I did some research and learned most items are $8.98! My research was also confirmed by another friend that I met yesterday. C. Sinha from Germantown, MD was living proof of some Bitten gear when I was with her. She sported a cute white (work friendly) top & brown leather handbag by Bitten. Sinha added, "...keep in mind it is cheap stuff but this bag is so functional"; as she pulled and opened every little pocket compartment to show me. I was sold!

Here are a few of my fave items spotted online; I'm off to my nearest store this weekend to see what the real goods are all about. Find your store & get Bitten!

Flutter sleeve eyelettop $8.98, splash blue printed tank $8.98, eyelet trim dress in blade green $8.98

Work tote, vintage brown $8.98

Flutter sleeve eyelettop magenta striped $8.98, sailor short railroad wash $8.98

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