Thursday, May 29, 2008

$1 worth a try

Is $1 worth a try or your time? e.l.f. make-up online is literally $1 each make-up item. From eye liners to pressed powder compacts and nail polishes, you can get all the colors available for just $1. There is some make-up more than $1 but for the most part your general basics come out to $1 each! How many times can I say $1 each?! Are you with me???

Well $1 is worth my time. It really turned out to be more than $1, obviously. I got more than one item & shipping charges were applied but when I got every nail color, every eye liner color & every lip plumper gloss color along with two pressed powders & some shine-free tissue packs for under $41, that just means I = happy today.

Other deals you can take advantage of:

* free shipping for orders over $75
* free subscription to VOGUE magazine for orders over $20

Make it a bonding event for you & your girlfriends! K. Sellery from Vienna, VA called La Buutique right away to spread the news. She was so excited to proclaim "'s going to be like Christmas in a few days!"; she and other co-workers placed one order together and took advantage of the deals.

I think it's time the rest of you take advantage of something today @ e.l.f.

Nail polish; 18 color options for $1 each

Waterproof liquid eyeliner; 5 color options for $1 each

Plumping Lip glaze 8 color options for $1 each
Clarifying pressed powder; 4 tone options for $1 each

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