Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A great way to start off the New Year

Hello Madonna! Thanks for kicking 2009 off to a great start with your new Louis Vuitton ad campaign. Many are asking hot or not. If you got it, you're hot and Madonna's definitely got it. I mean, not many of us can drape ourselves over couches and dangle purses from our stilettos, while said legs are wide open, looking cool and serene for the camera...but then again, we're not MADONNA. Many try, none are successful.

The handbags are hot and the look for this campaign certainly has a fantasy touch. That's probably the case because Steven Meisel, photographer from Madonna's 1992 Sex book, has already captured some of her sexy poses. Add some designer handbags to the mix and we now have glamorous ads to gawk at. As a fan of Madonna's, since the early 80's, I can say these ads will be stunning in upcoming fashion magazines and billboards. I know I'll still drool at them for a while.

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