Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pink Pearl Necklace

One of my pen pals opened up an interesting topic of fashion talk this morning as I opened my emails. R.Virmani of Dubai writes about a gift she received from one of her sweet student's, M. Hoque, "I got pearls from my student from Bangladesh. It's three strands of the raw looking pearls that are light pink. The clasp is a flower made of shell. I think it's really pretty but have no idea how to wear it. It's short and looks really vintage-y".

Hello! I felt it was my adventure to find the answer; (not that she needs that much help because she did find a rockin' way to wear this piece, by keeping the flower clasp to the side). How edgy!

I turned to Polyvore.com, a place where you can find goods from blouses to handbags and shoes or use the items available from this site to create a look. What a fun way to start my day; maybe not to most others, but definitely my cup of tea!

Shower me with Romance
Shower me with Romance by labuutique

I was then intrigued with the pink pearls, as I continued to do a little more research on it, another pen pal mate, F. Ahmed of Washington, D.C., added, "the light pink [color] is why Bangladeshi pearls are considered the cream of the crop". Oh really? Yes, really. Bangladesh.com's shopping guide says, "...Bangladesh is most famous for its pink pearls".

Thanks for sharing your new piece of jewely R. Virmani! Your student, M.Hoque, has great taste for her teacher! This surely caught my attention and now that we have pics, the necklace shows the elegance and style of this type of pearl. It just sounds like something I never looked into. Definitely something fun from your typical every day white pearls.

What's your pearl of choice?

Source: polyvore.com; pearlsonly.com; bangladesh.com; R. Virmani & M. Hoque of Dubai

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