Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oui for Anna Sui

Dear Anna Sui,

I fell in love with your SoHo - NYC store this summer and now I must confess my lust for your designs. I always loved your funky style since the age of 15-16. Your runway shows were crazy funky/edgy/Gothic/girly/flirty/Victorian/rock&roll...the list goes on with the many many different avenues of fashion you marry together. I also cannot leave out the envy I had for you as an Asian fashion designer.

My experience in your retail store was above and beyond my expectations as a child and I was in boutique heaven the second I walked in. To my delight I didn't break my bank account with the winning piece I scooped up that day. I found a sheer, multi colored, gold pinstriped tunic that flowed like the softness of silk running down a waterfall. Thank you for making this for me because it fits me like a glove.

With that said, I'd like to thank you for choosing a pocket saving product line for Target this season! I was shocked at what I found. I cannot wait to sport the looks I've found. Cheers to your rockin' style!

With love,
La Buutique

Say oui to Anna Sui for Target...these were my top picks!

Herringbone dress

Floral Metallic Jacquered Blue Print dress

Metallic ruffle sleeveless top

wide striped cardigan

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