Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've been following Rachel Zoe's newsletter recently and one item in particular caught my attention. Last month Rachel posted "Um...Need to Powder My Nose". Rachel wasn't lyin' when she said this would give me flawless skin. Do yourself a favor and get Mac's 'Prep + Prime' Transparent Finishing Powder. My skin looks silky smooth and feels matte all day.

While I was shopping for this magical powder I also wanted to find an impeccable liquid eye liner. I then remembered reading one of my Glamour magazines earlier this summer mentioning Mac's gel liquid eyeliner. I scooped this up along with a precise eye liner brush.

I know there are other great prime and "finishing" products out there. These are just the first I've stumbled on that actually do the job. What are your favorite make up products right now? Tell me! I'm dying to find more.


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neely said...

HIIII Buuu!!!!!!!!! Had to share-
a couple of years ago when all our fave leading ladies in LA la land started donning rosy-posey cheeks, I was on the hunt for the perfect blush. I went through a few different ones (NARS, MAC, and Lancome) that did the trick, but finally found perfection in a bottle- Benetint by Benefit. It's a life changing "cheek and lip stain"-- a bright red liquid that look likes a nail polish bottle (even has a polish-esque brush). I can't lie, at first I was totally skerd by the brightness. My friend (God love her) assured me its not as scary once you blend it in, so I tried it out for a wedding. 6 hours and countless vodka sodas later, I was still perfectly rouged! I use it every morning now, and by the time I wash my face before bed, my cheeks are still Disney princess pink. High Beam (which also hails from the Benefit line) is a good compliment to this; it highlights the cheekbone where the Benetint rosey's up the apple of your cheek. Try it out, lt me know if you lovey!!

x to the o, pretty girl!