Friday, September 26, 2008

My Fair Lady GaGa

I have been DYING over Lady Gaga this week. She is the artist behind the popular "Just Dance" single; you may have also seen her performances featured on America's Best Dance Crew on Mtv and FOX's So you think you can dance

She somehow channeled my inner blond ambition, rock n' roll, air guitarin', 80's dance movin', & hair shakin' spirit. Gasp. I reported part of this look earlier this week with the leather driving gloves. I'd like to finish off the week by pairing the rocker edge vibe I have right now with these absolutely unnecessary but extraordinary sequin leggings. 


TV said...

OK GaGa fan. Check out this Beautiful Dirty Rich video for Dirty Sexy Money if you haven't already. You will love it.

Amuse Bouche said...

Your fascination with GaGa just may equate with mine when it comes to Zooey Deschanel. Check her out in the most recent issue of Nylon!

La Buutique said...

I love that you both love Lady GaGa. I was able to check out her Nylon issue AND the Beautiful Dirty Rich video. Looovin her right now! Thanks for stopping by La Buutique!

Love, La Buu